Source Code

Source code is the heart of everything we know as computing. Whether that computing is dealing with a stand-alone computer, a mobile device, or the Internet, source code is the foundation that makes it all work. This foundation may look different, depending on which programming language is used. Many companies and industries are now relying on open source software, so that the code can be manipulated to meet their own needs.

Source Code

Source Code

Computers and other technological devices are not able to tell themselves what to do. The source code is used so that humans can communicate directly with the machines and tell them exactly what to do. These instructions may be written by an individual. Or, they may be written by a team of people. The amount of collaboration required by a team makes it necessary to use certain standards of protocols and detailed comments within the instructions.

This source code will be slightly different between applications, based on the type of programming language that is used. The purpose is still the same. The instructions remain the same. The difference is that a different language must be used to give those instructions. When working with a team of coders, it is important to make sure that everyone is able to work together with the same language.

Lately, many industries and companies have been focusing on the use of open source software. Open source CRM is especially relevant in its own industry. This type of software allows end users to view the actual source code. After viewing the actual code, users who are familiar with the particular language can made modifications to the application, based on the needs of their own company.

Without source code, computers and technology are useless. Technological devices must have a set of instructions that tell them how to function. Lately, many people have begun to realize that while a computer programmer is able to create a set of instructions, they may not fully understand the needs of a separate industry. Because of this, many businesses and industries are turning to open source software, which allows them to customize their software, based on their own particular needs.

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