Open Source CRM

If you are running a small business, then you probably do not have the money for a more traditional customer relations management program, but your alternative is the open source CRM. Many open source CRM packages are actually free for use, and there are many additional advantages to them as well.

Open Source CRM

Open Source CRM

The open source CRM, and all open source software in general, has a bad rap, but only for those who are not in the know. The writers of the source code of most open source software, especially open source CRM, actually know what they are doing more than the large corporations such as Microsoft and Cisco.

Many times, the programming language and the artful coding that open source CRM programmers use is actually less susceptible to malicious attack than the CRM packages that the majors offer. And if you are thinking about using a Cloud based CRM package, just stop right there. Can you imagine what you would do if you had to miss a payment for the Cloud service and all of your information was on an outside server? What kind of havoc would that cause?

The other huge advantage other than less data leaks for open source CRM is that bugs get fixed quickly. The entire purpose of open source CRM is for people to share ideas, and it is almost as if you have the force of the hackers on your side. These people do not like corporate programming, and they are doing everything that they can to prove that they are better. These are the same people that are hacking Microsoft products for fun. You want them on your side.

The bottom line is this – if your business is expanding or you just can not keep up with the customers that you have already, you owe it to yourself to try open source CRM. Not only are you getting service and organization for free, but you have the best asset of all on your side – absolutely nothing to lose.

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